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Love Bytes

Pinot Noir is like the child that requires, even demands, extraordinary care and attention from its guardians, but rewards such efforts with an inspiring and delicious elegance. I love the challenge, knowing what the prize can be!

David SheppardFlat Rock Cellars

At its best, Pinot Noir is the love child of power and beauty.

Dan SullivanRosehall Run

I love vibrancy, freshness and purity of Pinot Noir and how it conveys its origins. Where he grapes were grown, the weather during the growing season and how the wine was made. It is so expressive of the winegrowing cycle that each year, parcel of vineyard and wine is unique. That’s what makes tasting great Pinot Noir so intriguing - it amplifies everything we work so hard to achieve in the vineyard and winery.

Jay JohnstonHidden Bench

I aim for making Pinot Noir that sits somewhere between old world and new world style while always reflecting the characteristics of the terroir or ‘somewhereness’ - essential to the variety. Truly exceptional wines are born of their origins, not made - this statement could not be more appropriate than when applied to Niagara Pinot Noir.

Shiraz MottiarMalivoire Winery

For me, great wine is silky smooth in feel, and Pinot Noir of all varieties evokes this sensation more often than any red grape. Call it velvet in a glass.

Thomas PennachettiCave Spring Cellars

Coco Chanel pointed out that ‘Luxury lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity.’ She may as well have been speaking about ‘Pinot Noir.

Daniel SpeckHenry of Pelham

It is said that Pinot Noir is like a demanding mistress who only rewards the vigneron who treats her with gentleness, generosity and above all respect in the vineyard and the winery. Santé.

Harald ThielHidden Bench

Pinot Noir. 2 seconds to say. 2 hours to explain and a lifetime to perfect.

Rene Van EdeTawse Winery

Making Pinot Noir is never boring! The complexity of the grapes and the wine is forcing us, winemakers, to always think outside of the box each vintage to master the winemaking. The beauty of our region for this grapes is our ability to produce delicate wine by preserving freshness and crunchiness of the fruit.

Sebastian JacquayMegalomaniac